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Dreaming of your very own place in the Netherlands? We feel you. Lucky for all of us, one of the Netherlands’ biggest construction projects is in full swing, right near Amsterdam’s city centre. 

Introducing: Hyde Park. Once finished, Hyde Park will be an ultra-modern living space surrounded by lush greenery, luxury amenities and, of course, all of the Netherlands’ most bustling hotspots.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not — and you can go to the Hyde Park House to get a taste of it. 🤩 

Welkom to the Hyde Park House

For anyone who’s interested in buying one of the stunning new apartments at Hyde Park, be it as an investment property or as a home, Hyde Park House is the place to be. 

But, what exactly is it? The Hyde Park House is the huge showroom adjacent to the Hyde Park construction terrain, which lets you see the project in all its glory. 

Hyde Park is a HUGE construction project (as you can see!). 🤩 Image: Hyde Park/Supplied

Over a surface of more than 3,000 m², the showroom offers visitors not just an impression of the project as a whole, but also allows them to walk through individual apartments, gather design inspiration, and gain knowledge from the various in-house experts.

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The consultants on the different floors know all about real estate, design and, of course, Hyde Park. If you make an appointment, they will happily show you around and tell you all there is to know about the project. 

Let’s have a look at what awaits you. 👇

Familiarise yourself with the Hyde Park grounds

The Hyde Park House is located right near the current building site of this enormous real estate project. The result? You can walk around the area and imagine what the site will look like once filled with trees, people, and homes. 

Ah, it’s like we can smell the fresh flowers! Image: Hyde Park/Supplied

Need some help making the vision come to life? Geen probleem! On the bottom floor of the Hyde Park House, you’ll find the architectural model of the neighbourhood as it will be once construction is completed.

Believe it or not, there is an even more immersive way to experience Hyde Park’s vision! Just head over to Hyde Park House’s very own cinema, where the lovely employees can show you computer-rendered videos of the finished project (say whaaat?)! 🤩

Become inspired as you enter true luxury

The fun continues upstairs. Here, in collaboration with its premium partners, Hyde Park has set up four model homes of various sizes, which show the potential of the apartments — and let us tell you: they are glorious! 

Who’s moving in with us? 😍 Image: Hyde Park/Supplied

As you delve into the different living quarters, you get the chance to explore the space from within. Enter at your own risk, because we can guarantee that these homes will have you dreaming of that sweet, sweet, luxury and the endless possibilities that Hyde Park offers.

As you envision yourself sipping champagne on your new balcony, you can plan your future home down to the teeniest details. In the interior showroom, you can look at the stunning couches, high-end sinks and various available doors for your new place.

Customise your home down to the tiniest details 

Spotted a couch you like? Well, guess what? You can just buy it then and there! 

Yup, besides being “just” a place to get an impression of what Hyde Park’s stunning buildings will look like once completed, the Hyde Park House is also the ‘one-stop shop’ for all things interior design-related!

Furnishing your home has never been easier! Image: Hyde Park/Supplied

At the showroom, you get the chance to talk to expert interior consultants and designers. They can help you in many ways: from making stylistic decisions for furniture to helping you pick a tile, and thinking of the best layout for your apartment. 

Oh, and the best part? In many cases, furnishing with Hyde Park’s premium partners can be included in the financing of your home. Hoara! 💸

Expert advice tailored to your situation

So you’ve completely and irrevocably fallen in love with the idea of buying an apartment at Hyde Park? We can’t blame you. But besides the heart flutters and excitement, questions start to pile up in your mind: How does buying a home in the Netherlands even work?!

Don’t panic, because Hyde Park will take care of you, once again. Their consultants, along with the in-house mortgage advisors, offer a service specifically tailored towards expats and are at your full disposal to discuss all things finance. 

From a first showing to signing your sales contract — it’s all done at Hyde Park House. Image: Hyde Park/Supplied

The idea of buying a house is exciting, yet scary — but Hyde Park offers you a lot of help in the process. The best way to benefit from this great service is, of course, by visiting the Hyde Park House! 🔑

Whether you have your heart set on buying a Hyde Park home, want to have your options drawn out for you, or are simply curious about what they offer — Hyde Park House can help.

Ready to pay a visit and see for yourself? Go for it! You’re welcome at the Hyde Park House from Monday to Saturday. 

Feature Image:Hyde Park
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