Winter is here

As we said in our last weather forecast, it’s going to get cold and we weren’t lying either (dis iz nawt fake newz). The weather is expected to fall below expected levels for this time of year. So we’ve quite literally gone from one extreme to the other!

The updated news however, is that the cold is expected to last into December. So we are not expected to have a temporary cold period. Winter has well and truly arrived! Frost is expected and your woolly jumpers are needed.

Thankfully, for all of you who will be welcoming Sinterklaas on Saturday, the weather will be dry and sunny and not too cold. After this weekend is when you’ll see the weather change.

Snow in the north

Weather sites such as Weerplaza have even said that light snowfall may occur in the north at times. It’s nothing spectacular and it probably won’t even stay on the ground (after all, there won’t be much), but it’s certainly not impossible to see some snow flakes within the next couple of weeks.

Last year, if you remember, we had a fair bit of snow just before Christmas. I was actually on my way to a Christmas wine and dine and we got stuck in the snow. So maybe again we may get a snow Christmas period like last year if things carry on? Who knows, lets wait and see!


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