The Very Best of those Videos by Bart de Pau from Learn Dutch

If you’re a follower of our Facebookpage then you must have seen them; those video’s by Learn Dutch where internationals talk about all those weird things in life that happen to be Dutch. Since we’re all big fans of those, here are the very best of those videos you and us can’t stop watching on the Learn Dutch youtube channel!

If you don’t already know about Learn Dutch then now is a great time to dive in, the channel just reached a dazzling 100K subscribers! Bart De Pau started the YouTube channel in an effort to make learning the Dutch language less daunting. There are a ton of videos to choose from and after rewatching, it’s hard to choose favourites. So we chose seven!

1. Uniquely Dutch qualities

The video here highlights some things you’ll notice about the Dutch. Whether its how blunt they can be, how they act when they drink and more. You’re bound to recognize some of the stuff they’re talking about.

2. Dutch Birthdays can take you by surprise

If you’ve never experienced a Dutch birthday then you’ve never lived. Get ready to sit in a circle, talk (oh and bring your own cake).

3. There’s this party in the Netherlands every year that makes no sense

Learn Dutch challenges these friendly foreigners to recite their best understanding of some Dutch phrases and sayings related to carnival. Like: “Er staat een paard in de gang!” (WTF Holland?)

Think you could do better? Try pausing after each question and guessing the answer!

4. LearnDutch showed us some things only the Dutch would know

To be completely honest, none of these things looked even vaguely familiar before I watched this video. After watching I started seeing some of these every-day Dutch items more and more. See if you recognize any of these things only the Dutch would know about.

5. The Dutch language is pretty weird sounding

When you first start to learn Dutch it’s immediately clear that you don’t know how to move your mouth in that way. None of us expats were trained for this! Try repeating some of these more difficult words in the video below. Oh, and this one is different, it’s one we made together with Bart de Pau:

6. Your new favourite Dutch words, thanks to Learn Dutch

With their YouTube channel growing in subscribers two things are clear. Firstly, people are actually making the effort to learn Dutch and secondly, Learn Dutch is actually helping. Not that it’s all work and no play, check out this classic video below.

7. The time they shocked themselves for saying words wrong

To be honest, this is just a completely impartial favourite. I find it really easy to watch people willingly shock themselves over something as small as pronunciation. With that said, you might actually learn some Dutch while you watch.

Aside from entertaining us really is the go-to place for Learning Dutch, both online and through their real-life courses! If you enjoyed these videos then you’re already on your way to learning Dutch (well done you!).

I mean come on! They hooked themselves up to an electric shocker for our amusement! Head over to Bart De Pau’s YouTube channel, Learn Dutch


Jesse Rintoul
Jesse Rintoul
I'm a 24-year-old writer living in Amsterdam, pursuing videography and media. The coffee I am drinking in my profile picture is a black coffee.


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