As it currently stands, three Eurostar trains depart each day from Rotterdam and Amsterdam to London. A few months ago it was announced that the Eurostar’s transfer at Brussels for a customs check will be done away with. And now? Well, the NS is hoping to launch five new high-speed trains in 2020 that will run directly between Netherlands and London.

Train travel is the most sustainable way to travel

Heike Luiten, the international director of NS, comments “At a time when it is all about Brexit, it feels extra special to be able to announce more direct trains to London.” Each train holds up to 900 people which will increase the amount of potential travellers a huge amount.

He explains that international trains are crucial for sustainable travel which should be a focal point of European transport. “A train passenger between Amsterdam and London emits 80 percent less CO2 than someone who will fly.”

Is train travel the way of the future?

On Eurostar’s 25th anniversary, it has decided to strengthen its environmental commitments by planting one tree for each journey it makes. It means there will be around 20,000 new trees planted annually from this initiative in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Mike Cooper, Eurostar’s chief executive, told the Independent “With our environmental ambitions and our tree planting programme we are providing an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to the airlines.”

What’s your favourite mode of transport? Have you caught a train between the Netherlands and London? Let us know in the comments below! 


Feature image: KaiPilger/Pixabay


  1. I travel sometimes from Tilburg in the Netherlands to Ebbsfleet near London by train to visit my son and family who live close by Ebbsfleet station. I also bring back lots of favourite food items, which aren’t available here in The Netherlands. The beauty of travelling by train is that I don’t have to worry about the weight of my suitcase. I’m just glad there are lifts at each station as my suitcase is very, very heavy on my return journey. Two train changes, Breda and Brussels for the Eurostar and then I’m in england.


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