Prepare for rail disruptions caused by high heat this week

The Netherlands is going to be experiencing high temperatures of nearly 40 degrees this week. Extreme heat could result in possible disruptions on the railway lines. Therefore, ProRail has declared a ‘code red’ and will have hundreds of more employees standing by than usual to resolve issues caused by the heat.

If you want to get to your destination on time, be sure to take into account the disruptions that are predicted to happen. The rails will expand as a consequence of the heat, and may not always be able to withstand the heat, said a spokesperson to

Taking the train in the Netherlands when temperatures are high

The worst day is expected to be on Thursday. However, NS does not yet know whether there will be an adjusted timetable because of the high temperatures. ProRail employees will have blue flashing lights with them in case an emergency situation arises.

To avoid be sure to take water and dress in your lightest clothes. If the air conditioning in a train stops working, the temperature inside it can rise quickly and become unbearable, especially in the new trains where you can’t crack open a window to allow for ventilation.

They don’t want you to get dehydrated, so there will be ProRail employees at different locations ready to offer water and support on Thursday when needed. But take your own water too! For yourself, and for anybody else who might need it.

What are you going to be doing to cope with high temperatures this week? Let us know in the comments below!




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