Ready to join the Bizarre Ride? Prepare to be enchanted by Valhalla

Ready to experience the Bizarre Ride? Find magic and be enchanted once more with Valhalla electronic music festival on 23rd December 2017 at Amsterdam RAI.

1-Get Ready for the Show: The Line-Up

The Circus of Myths will take place on six different stages of which you can take your pick from all night: The Samurai, The Viking, El Dorado (presented by Desperados), Atlantis, The Maze and the Vaudeville.

On the Samurai, expect to feel the magic with artist such as Agoria, Fritz Kalkbrenner and Kölsch.

At the Myth of the Viking, let everyone hear you roar while mesmerized by artists like Hot Since 82 and Joey Daniel.

Dare to leave the grey world, and hunt for golden kingdom El Dorado with artists including Anotr, Luuk Van Dijk and Wouter S. The Eldorado is brought to you by Desperado.

If you prefer the mystical kingdom under the sea -go mermaids!-, then experience the Atlantis while watching one and only Yellow Claw and many other performers including Girls Love DJs and Moksi.

The Maze and the Minotaur is ready to take you away to the Greek realm with Speedy J, Haeken and live performance by Planetary Assault System.

Last but not least, get away from your boring life and join the circus at the Vaudeville. Girlpower, Alamaison and other performers are ready to drift away with you.

For more information, you can find the full timetable here!


2-The Tickets

Now that we’ve got your attention, you better hurry up because all the Early Owl and Group Tickets are already sold out! 

But the good news is that the Regular Tickets are still out there! You can get them here for €57,25. Buy first and thank us later.


3-Find your way: The Venue

Valhalla Festival will take place at RAI Amsterdam. For this event RAI Amsterdam will transform into a land of magic and illusions where nothing is what it seems and even the wildest dreams can come true.

RAI is located at Europaplein, 1078 GZ Amsterdam.

You can read further about how to get there here.


4-More Info

The Dresscode

Valhalla Festival is more than just a electronic music festival. It’s a circus-themed event therefore, it is always encouraged to be dressed up for this occasion! Feel free to get creative and have a dive into the world of costumes!

Electronic music festival with a cause

This year we will be organizing a Mini Christmas Circus for vulnerable children on December 13. Apply here if you would like to fulfill a role on this special day.

Get involved and help the Valhalla team make a difference! Amazing things can happen in just a few hours:

For the rest of the FAQ, you can click here.

Now that you’re ready to go, are you ready for this?

Can’t wait? Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Ceren Spuyman
Ceren Spuyman
Born and raised in Istanbul, Ceren moved when she decided to follow her own Dutchie. Being restless by nature, she is now busy with everything Dutch by majoring in Dutch Studies at Leiden University while living in Delft. Her hobbies are petting as many cats as possible.


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