Climate protestors are blocking a motorway in The Hague EVERY DAY now

On Monday, for the third day in a row, police tried to resist climate protesters in The Hague by shooting water at them. In response, activists stubbornly put on their rain ponchos. 👀

Extinction Rebellion (XR) gave everyone fair warning in advance, announcing that climate activists would take to the roads and protest every. Single. Day.

And they weren’t kidding. 😬

Three days of protests, and countless arrests

On Monday, the A12 near The Hague was occupied by protesters who refused to budge for the third day in a row, reports.

Previously, there were 2,400 climate activist arrests on Saturday, and then about 500 more on Sunday. 😳

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Apparently, the protest is against fossil fuel subsidies — in other words, the government’s arrangements which make the burning of fossil fuels more profitable.

Even so, The Hague Mayor Jan van Zanen expressed his concern for the protests and said he wouldn’t address the “goal” behind the activism.

Waterever, protesters don’t care

In an attempt to chase the protestors off, the politie blocked off the road and demanded that they relocate to the Laan van Reagan and Gorbachev, opposite the central station.

Those who did not follow that command were hosed down by “water cannons”, which only caused them to use umbrellas as shields or get creative with plastic bags. ☂️✋

Others appear to just sit there peacefully, enjoying fresh showers of cool water amid the sweltering heatwave. 💦

Do you believe these protests will pay off for the water-soaked activists? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Ellen Ranebo
Ellen Ranebo
As someone half Swedish and half Irish who has lived in the Netherlands, the UK, and attended an American School, Ellen is a cocktail of various nationalities. Having had her fair share of bike accidents, near-death experiences involving canals, and miscommunications while living here (Swedish and Dutch have deceptively similar words with very different meanings), she hopes to have (and document) plenty more in future.
  1. Netherlands is one of leading countries in terms of pushing eco initiatives. At the same time China opens 2(!) coal powerplants per week (!!).


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