Believe it or not, the Dutch are the best sleepers IN THE WORLD

Tossing and turning, counting sheep? The Dutch can’t relate — for them, catching between seven and nine hours of Zzzs per night is so easy they can do it in their sleep. 🥱

New data reveals that the Netherlands has the lowest amount of “short sleepers.” In fact, it’s managing to out-sleep every other country in the world, PlushCare reports.

Here are the sleepy stats

Turns out, the nightly average in the Netherlands is a generous eight hours and twelve minutes of high-quality beauty sleep. Yup, these people are out like a light. 💤

In fact, 77.05% of people in the Netherlands get the recommended amount of sleep — which is between seven and nine hours for those of you who have been (cough, cough) sleeping on this science.

On the other hand, our comparatively sleep-deprived American friends have come in at 22nd place with 70.14% — it sounds like they’re getting twenty winks instead of forty.

Finding out who gets the most shut-eye

How did PlushCare figure out who was hitting the most hay, you ask? Well, they certainly weren’t sleeping on the job.

By using data from, the virtual health company uncovered which percentage of people in each country are considered “short sleepers” — those who only get a fleeting five hours or less.

They then compared this percentage to the percentage of those following the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep.

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They also found out the number of people who are categorised as 10-plus-hours-a-night “long sleepers” — and, well, considering Dutchies are often tall, don’t they technically sleep “long” in bed? 👉👈

Want to know if your country is one of the top 10 snoozers? Check out the rankings below. 👇

RankCountry% Getting
the recommended
amount of sleep
4New Zealand74.63%
5Lithuania 74.48%
6Finland 74.45%
7United Kingdom 74.31%
8Australia 74.15%

Thanks to this data, PlushCare was also able to construct a list of popular sleep aids, combine the rankings with search data, and find out which countries have the most insomnia sufferers.

Looks like that’s one problem Dutchies aren’t losing any sleep over. 😴

Do these sleep findings come as a surprise to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Ellen Ranebo
Ellen Ranebo
As someone half Swedish and half Irish who has lived in the Netherlands, the UK, and attended an American School, Ellen is a cocktail of various nationalities. Having had her fair share of bike accidents, near-death experiences involving canals, and miscommunications while living here (Swedish and Dutch have deceptively similar words with very different meanings), she hopes to have (and document) plenty more in future.


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