These photos of The Hague will show you the city like you’ve never seen it before

Amsterdam, Leiden, or Giethoorn are often mentioned as the most scenic towns of the Netherlands. Canals, windmills, and such, we all get that. And Rotterdam is the gritty urban city, for those big town skyline pics and massive modern structures.ย And then there’s the Hague, which is a bit of anย odd duck.

Sure the Peace Palace and the Binnenhof are often photographed, but not many people will label it as that beautiful and awesome city in the Netherlands. So you can imagine our surprise (and pure joy) when we found these shots of The Hague by Kevin Coellner.

Kevin’s been steadily posting gorgeous shots of the city on his Instagram-channel for a while now, the best of which you will find here. And yes, it has all the quintessential photos of The Hague one would expect (only 1000 times better) but we especially liked those photos of The Hague’s ordinary places.

Anyways, enough talk, time to start gazing at these gems:

Yup, that’s that normally ugly shopping street. Image: Kevin Coellner
A long exposure shot of the Scheveningen Pier at sunset. Image: Kevin Coellner
Den Haag Skyline reflection – kind of extraterrestrial. Image: Kevin Coellner
The Hofvijver is always a good candidate for a winning shot. Image: Kevin Coellner
Ah, The Peace Palace on a snow day <3. Image: Kevin Coellner
Hotel des Indes. Image: Kevin Coellner
Sunset shots always steal my heart ๐Ÿ™‚ Image: Kevin Coellner
Bang! This guy even makes the shopping street look nice. Image: Kevin Coellner
The Christmas Fair at the Lange Voorhout. So many pretty lights. Image: Kevin Coellner
The Malieveld on a cold day. Image: Kevin Coellner
My favourite, probably adjusted a fair bit, BUT MY GOD WHAT AN AWESOME SHOT. Image: Kevin Coellner
The Kurhaus in Scheveningen (kind of The Hague as well) already is quite impressive, but this photo really makes it magical. Image: Kevin Coellner
De Stijl is always in style. Image: Kevin Coellner
Wow! Image: Kevin Coellner
Love the mirror effect. Image: Kevin Coellner
Even the dark skies look incredible. Image: Kevin Coellner
The futuristic rail thing pops up everywhere. Image: Kevin Coellner
Love this long exposure effect. Image: Kevin Coellner
photos of the Hague
I’m talking about these kinds of shots, normally not such a great scene here. But this is one great photo of the Hague. Image: Kevin Coellner
The North End Palace, at the perfect time of day. Image: Kevin Coellner
Normally the area surrounding The Hague central station isn’t the nicest, but this shot blows our mind. Image: Kevin Coellner

Want to see more of these photos of The Hague?

If you can’t get enough of these pics, and I know I can’t, then you can look up more of these beauties at his Instagram account or on his website. If you want to get anywhere near his level of photographyย then you’re lucky, he also does free photo tours through The Hague and (soon) also workshops. For more info on that feel free to like his Facebook page.

What did you think of these photos? Totally dreamy? Wanna see more? Let us know in the comments below!

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Abuzer van Leeuwen ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ
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  1. Nice views!

    Formally speaking The Hague never became a city and could be dubbed the largest village in Europe…..

    Perhaps another intresting article? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. @Mike:
    The Hague received by King Louis Napoleon in 1806 and in 1810 by Emperor Napoleon the honorary title city. This did not give rise to any special rights as city law was abolished in 1798 during the Batavian Republic.
    So The Hague is a real city?


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