Donald Trump state visit to the Netherlands planned for King’s Day

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders has announced that US President Donald Trump has decided on an official state visit to the Netherlands on King’s Day. Trump confirmed his intention of visiting the Netherlands earlier today on his favorite social media platform.

Why Trump has decided on the state visit to the Netherlands

Several factors were decisive in the lead up to Trump’s decision to visit the Netherlands. After to talking to Pete Hoekstra, Trump’s ambassador to the Netherlands, the President felt the need to see all the no-zones in the Netherlands for himself – although reports say that the President is still weary since he also heard that in the Netherlands ‘you have to answer questions’.

Another factor in Trump’s decision to visit the Netherlands was the guaranteed huge turn-up on the 27th of April in the Netherlands – King’s Day. Keen on beating Obama’s ratings the President masterfully saw a unique chance to beat his predecessor once and for all in this ‘very very important’ factor in policy. Sources also confirm that Trump really thought that he would fit right in on King’s day when it came to the theme color of that day.

Trump “I love orange, it’s the best color”

After doing some googling from a non-secure phone on the best things about the Netherlands the President was impressed by a picture of Queen Maxima. Apparently stating that ‘Dutch women are the best looking in the world, way better than say Slovenia’.

Trump state visit to the Netherlands
Trump: “Two very hot ladies – not ashamed to admit it – I’m a red-blooded American unlike the Dems with their morals SAD” (source: Creative Commons – Wikipedia)

The new State Secretary Pompeo will probably not be joining the President on his state visit to the Netherlands. Pompeo is reportedly now on Trump’s bad side after pointing out Maxima is actually Argentinian, which Trump immediately denounced by saying that ‘Latina’s are hot but not blonde, Maxima is blonde – case closed!’.

After seeing a special commercial personally produced for the President he felt it was a ‘Total dick move not to come now to Holland’.

Other plans for Trump state visit to the Netherlands

Rumors in Washington have it that the President also plans to meet up with his ‘good friend’ Gurt Wilders, Dutch actress Bobbi Eden and he also plans to visit that other Dutch town of Kopenhagen – which according to White House sources will reportedly be on the schedule until Fox can air their documentary on Denmark.

Will the Trump state visit to the Netherlands be another great episode for Trump-Dutch relations? Join us in the DutchReview group to discuss!

Abuzer van Leeuwen 🇳🇱
Abuzer van Leeuwen 🇳🇱
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  1. laat Trump niet binnen of geef hem een oranje pak en zorg dat ie van onze Maxima afblijft. Gaat ie echt naar Nederland op Koningsdag????


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