Dutch test labs dramatically improve testing capacity — but GGDs not ready

The capacity in Dutch test laboratories has greatly improved with the ability to now perform over 51,000 tests per day. However, the GGDs are not yet prepared to scale up alongside the testing labs.

According to the National Coordination Structure Testing Capacity (LCDK), Dutch labs now have the potential to perform 20,000 more tests per day compared to last week, reports NOS. But the GGDs need more time to be able to increase their own capacities in the test lines. 

A spokesperson for one GGD says it’s a major operation and they are scaling up as quickly as possible. They expect to become sufficiently prepared over the course of next week.

Although, the RIVM anticipates the demand for corona tests will likely continue to increase over the coming months with the onset of the cold season. Thus, the capacity for performing 51,000 tests per day will probably not be sufficient for long.  

Options for scaling up

Scaling up involves three options, which each require additional staff and logistics: 

  • Extending opening hours at test locations,
  • Carrying out more simultaneous testing in certain test lanes,
  • Opening new test streets.

Important to note is that the GGDs stopped scaling up on August 24, by order of the Ministry of Health. This was because, at the time, the labs did not have sufficient testing materials. “If we had known this before, we would have been ready by now,” says a spokesperson for the GGDs.

Do you think testing capacity in the Netherlands is sufficient? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: Governor Tom Wolf/Flickr/CC2.0

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