Last night, Amsterdam police gathered on Dam Square in support of 24-year-old Melissa, who has leukaemia. They rounded up their patrol vehicles for a blue light show that won’t soon be forgotten. 

The terminal illness affects Melissa’s blood cells, “bad blood,” as she calls it in an interview with RTL. Doctor’s have given her just a few weeks to live.

She and her mother were spending the night in the Hotel Krasnapolsky, in front of Dam Square, when dozens of Amsterdam police cars came together to surprise her. In a special tribute to Melissa, they all lit up their blue lights.

Even with her devastating prognosis, Melissa likes to highlight “bright spots”, which does through her Instagram account Mijnkwaadbloed. “She shares bright spots, but there have been few recently,” the Amsterdam police write. “There’s one thing she does not want and that is to be forgotten when she is no longer there.”

The police concluded the message, “Dear Melissa, the world will not forget you.”

What do you think of the police tribute to Melissa? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva


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