Decommissioned Minister for Health Hugo De Jonge has said that anyone in the Netherlands who wants a coronavirus vaccine will have received at least their first jab by July.

He claimed this last night on the Dutch TV programme OP1, the NOS reports. When asked about how he thought the Dutch vaccination campaign was going, this was De Jonge’s response.

He believes that if there are no delays in receiving deliveries from pharmaceutical companies, 80-85% of adults in the Netherlands will have received at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine.

Many will be fully vaccinated

Of this percentage, the minister calculated that two-thirds (approximately 8 million people) should have received two doses of the vaccine by the beginning of July. The remainder (4 million) will have received at least one dose.

Dependant on setbacks

Of course, this is only achievable so long as there aren’t delays along the distributive chain, the minister made sure to emphasise.

However, De Jonge did take a moment to point out that the Netherlands reached its millionth vaccine this month (1.8 million to be exact). All going well, the country will see two million vaccines given by mid-March and the three million vaccines “on the March/April threshold.”

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Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva


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