Dutch cabinet declares flooding in Limburg a disaster — see what’s happening in the area

Last night the cabinet formally declared the flooding in Limburg a disaster. The government will help to pay for the damages. Meanwhile, 12,000 people were evacuated in Maastricht and Bunde last night in anticipation of “doomsday” flooding levels.

The NOS reports that while the high water level in South Limburg is starting to fall, the high water peak is now moving towards the north of the province and is rising faster than expected. As a result, 550 homes in Roermond were evacuated by police at 6:00 this morning.

The river Maas has burst its banks — crowds in the village of Elsloo gather to look at the torrent that used to be flood fields. Image: DutchReview: Supplied

Government response to the disaster

The NOS reported last night that the cabinet has put into effect the Compensation for Damage Act. This means that victims whose insurance won’t cover their damages will be partially reimbursed by the government. This legislation is used in cases where the damage is so great that insurance companies aren’t able to cover it.

The prime minister will be visiting Limburg this afternoon.

Chaos across the borders

Meanwhile, our Belgian and German cousins have also been tragically affected by the floods. So far there have been 80 recorded deaths in Germany with many more people missing and 11 deaths in Belgium.

Scenes of devastation in Limburg

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Feature Image: Els Boersma/Supplied

Jen Lorimer 🇿🇼
Jen Lorimer 🇿🇼
An avid tea drinker, Jen was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She moved to Utrecht in 2017 to pursue her history degree. She loves people-watching, canoeing the Utrecht canals, and observing how the Dutch come alive in summer. Having been traumatised by a Dutch circle party, Jen wants to help equip other internationals with tips and tricks to survive and thrive in this wonderful flat country.


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