The cabinet is pushing for a complete ban on fireworks before the end of this year, inside sources tell NOS.

MPs will discuss the ban tomorrow, and on Friday, the cabinet is preparing to make it official.

Mayors and care workers have been calling on the government to temporarily ban fireworks this year. The intention is to prevent additional pressure on hospitals due to fireworks injuries, which are common every year around New Year’s.

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Support package

Also up for discussion at tomorrow’s meeting is the government’s support package. Tens of millions of euros are expected to be made available to companies in the fireworks industry.

However, the cabinet will only publish the decision on the fireworks ban once the support measures have been further detailed.

Chairman Bruls of the Security Council says, “It will be a somewhat uncertain turn of the year…But these measures would help to give some peace of mind.”


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Do you think a temporary ban on fireworks is necessary this year? Let us know in the comments.

Feature Image: Marc Schulte/Pexels 


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