The Netherlands could almost double coronavirus testing capacity with German help

The Dutch government could technically perform far more coronavirus tests than it currently does. 

Through a German laboratory, 5,000 tests could be conducted per day for a period of two months, NOS reports. This would nearly double the testing capacity for coronavirus in the Netherlands.

7,000 people are tested per day in the Netherlands, most of whom are healthcare workers and patients belonging to vulnerable groups. On May 11, the testing capacity should expand to make it possible for 10,000 tests to be conducted per day.

More tests are a requirement for measures to be relaxed

Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that this will be enough. According to the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), increased testing capacity would serve as a condition to relax coronavirus measures, NOS reports.

Currently the Netherlands has enough testing capacity to conduct 17,500 tests per day, and even 29,000 on longer working days. However, for the time being there are not enough supplies to actually conduct this amount.

Germany laboratory has far more testing capacity than the Netherlands

The offer from the German laboratory (one of several in Germany), situated in Cologne, was made two weeks ago, NOS states. The company has enough testing capacity to conduct 11,000 tests in total per day.

In the coming weeks, we will find out more regarding testing capacity in the Netherlands and how it will expand.

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Feature Image: Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels

Vedika Luthra
Vedika Luthra
Vedika was born in India, raised in Poland and moved to the Netherlands to study. Like her nationality, she’s confused about what she likes most, which is why her bachelor’s degree was in liberal arts and sciences. She enjoys writing about all things food-related but likes to mix it up every now and then.


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