Coronavirus update: 13,614 total cases, with an increase of 1,019 patients since last count

The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands. The new number is 13,614 cases. This is an increase of 1,019 cases since yesterday’s count, with 134 more deaths (total: 1173) and 447 more hospitalizations (5159 in total). 

For what it’s worth, the number of deaths and hospitalizations are lower than they were yesterday. But it’s important to remember that the numbers might be off by a bit, as the RIVM also has reported.

The big news of yesterday and today was of course that the Netherlands has decided to extend the deadline of the existing measure until the date of April 28. What else was happening on the coronavirus front today?

A vaccine in the works for coronavirus by a pharmaceutical company in Leiden

A vaccine is currently being researched and produced by pharmaceutical company Janssen, which previously worked on an Ebola vaccine together with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, part of the US Department of Health.

The vaccine has already received an investment of one billion dollars, and the first tests reveal that the vaccine creates antibodies that latch on to the virus and eliminate it.

First trials on people will begin in September of this year, and if it all goes well, we might see the vaccine being given to the general population in the beginning of 2021.

101-year-old coronavirus patient in the Netherlands leaves hospital after being treated

Another positive news is that a 101-year-old woman was released from a hospital in  IJsselland after being successfully treated for coronavirus.

Her daughter praised the hospital staff for their prompt and helpful interventions, as well as for keeping her informed on her mother’s situation.

The woman will now be transferred to the Aafje Care Hotel, which is a section in the  Maasstad Hospital designed for recovering coronavirus patients.

Check out our coronavirus guide

If you need a centralized source of information on the coronavirus in the Netherlands, we’ve gathered all relevant information in one article, which is updated daily.

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Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad was born and raised in Brasov, Romania and came to the Hague to study. When he isn't spending time missing mountains or complaining about the lack of urban exploration locations in the Netherlands, you can find him writing at Dutch Review.


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