The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Netherlands has increased to 2588. That’s 1259 more than the increase reported last week. Noord Holland and Zuid Holland, in particular, have seen a dramatic increase in cases. 

This comes after more than 100,000 tests were performed in the last week — almost 10,000 less than the week before. While last week 1.1% of tests came back positive, but this has increased to 1.3.

A further 44 people have been hospitalized within the past week. This is an increase of 21 cases compared to last week.

Unfortunately, the virus continues to cause casualties. Another six people have passed away from the virus this week, three more than the week before.

The reproduction number, which details how many people are infected by one person, has dropped slightly from 1.4 last week to 1.2 this week.

Press conference on the coronavirus situation this Thursday

This week on Thursday a press conference will be held to discuss the situation of the coronavirus in the Netherlands. The conference will be held with Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the Minister of Health. The specific points on the agenda are as of now unknown.

Number of flight passengers who test positive for coronavirus is on the rise

A spokesperson from the GGD (Municipal Health Service) has confirmed that 76 people have tested positive for coronavirus after flying into Schiphol airport between the dates of June 1 and July 30.


It’s believed passengers did not contract the virus while on the flight, but on their way home from Schiphol. A spokesperson stated that given the holiday season, an increase of coronavirus cases is to be expected.

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Feature Image: Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels


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