ASVA Student Union in Amsterdam has warned that many incidents have occurred on campuses and this has made them unsafe. According to NOS, the ASVA Student Union set up a hotline 2 months ago in order to report these incidents. Since then, 39 incidents have been reported.

The hotline was originally set up because students felt unsafe on campus, which is already deeply concerning. This hotline was then available for all of the Amsterdam campuses. According to NOS, the concerns are about sexual offences, violence, robbery and burglary. The NSDM shipyard is perceived as unsafe by students, along with the Spinoza campus and the Echtenstein and Bergwijkdreep flats. Many of these issues are occurring on the outskirts of the city because it’s just far too expensive to live in the centre of Amsterdam.
There are worries about the amount of reports being made. Source: Pixabay

What now?

So far no long-term solutions are in place to try and solve this, but there are ongoing talks with the municipality taking place in order to try and improve the situation. The reports are certainly alarming and emergency procedures need to be implemented as soon as possible.

This is not a unique issue for just Amsterdam – when I studied in the UK it was common to house students outside of the centre (for obvious reasons – cost etc), however, issues always arose about our safety within the area and then onto our campus. Many serious incidents took place during my time there. Did you feel unsafe at your university? Please feel free to share.

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