What a way to start the new year – thirteen people, including some children, have been hospitalised after being injured in a fire at an apartment complex in the Wateringse Veld district of The Hague.

The apartment complex was invaded by heavy smoke when multiple cars were found on fire in a parking canopy. The thirteen injuries range from smoke inhalation to cuts on glass, but all of the injured are expected to be able to return home by today.

Dozens of panicked people evacuated the fire, in a situation described as ‘hectic’ by a spokesperson. “On the safe side, we are getting people from homes using aerial platforms and ladders,” said the spokesperson to RTL Nieuws.

Multiple cars were discovered on fire, releasing smoke that travelled up through the building and into the apartments. Thankfully, the fire has since been extinguished, and residents were given the all-clear to sleep at home last night.

It is currently unknown what caused the car fires. Investigators say it could have been a technical malfunction, but also haven’t ruled out fireworks. Further investigations are ongoing.

Watch the dramatic scenes as firefighters attempt to contain the fire: 



Feature Image: P.J.L Laurens/Wikimedia


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