Father (39) and son (4) die in a fire in Arnhem; mother and daughter seriously injured

Tragedy shocked Arnhem when a fire killed a 39-year-old man and his 4-year-old son. It also seriously injured the 36-year-old mother and 8-year-old daughter. NOS reports that the police have reason to believe that the fire was caused by fireworks. 

The fire started in the stairwell of a twelve-story building in Gelderseplein at 1 am, cutting off electricity. Omroep Gelderland reports the building had no emergency exit, the family was trapped in the elevator when it broke out. It was full of smoke when they finally broke them out,  the victims had already lost consciousness.

Residents asked to return to their home

The fire is said to have been brought under control in a quick manner but left the elevator and the stairwell damaged. Residents were asked to return to their homes after even though there was bad smoke and soot in the building.

According to NOS, the housing association, Salvage foundation, and the municipality are analysing to see if the apartments are still livable. They are currently making an emergency staircase so that a tragedy like this can be easily avoided the next time.

Update: Police arrest two boys (12 and 13-years-old)

The security camera picked up that the fire was caused by fireworks. They might be charged with “arson with a fatal outcome”, reports NOS.

Hopefully, the building is made safe so that this never happens again. 

Feat pic: Source: pxhere, public domain (https://pxhere.com/nl/photo/856724)

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