The demand for student housing in the Netherlands will continue to increase, according to the annual report from the National Student Housing Monitor, published on Thursday by Kenniscentrum Studentenhuisvesting (Kences)

The increase in demand is mainly a result of an influx of international students. An additional 14,900 students will be living away from home over the next four years- but this isn’t because Dutch students are leaving home more often. On the contrary, 12,600 fewer Dutch students will be living outside the family home over the same period. The increase is purely due to an increase in international students in the Netherlands, says NRC.

Extra development needed

Dutch students usually rent housing from private individuals, and have a longer period of time to look for it. For international students, the time frame they have to search in is much shorter, so their need is a bit more pressing. It can be a real nightmare to find student housing! Generally, they find housing through educational institutions and housing associations. “That requires extra development,” says Kences director Paul Tholenaars.

Impact of abolished grant

The student housing scene has been experiencing many changes over the last couple of years, particularly since the basic grant was abolished. The number of students, both international and Dutch, living away from home in the Netherlands has decreased since the grant was taken away- from 56 to 53 percent. During the same time period, the housing costs have risen, by about 10 percent (this number is adjusted for inflation). The good news is that the abolition of the grant has not stopped students from studying, or to change where they study. It seems to purely have affected when they leave home. If you’re a bit lost and confused when it comes to the dynamics of the student scene in Holland, check out our guide to studying in the Netherlands!

High rents stop students from moving out

Of course, the affordability of student housing plays a major role in whether a student can live alone or not. Half of the students living at home say high rents are the reason for staying at home. 16 percent of students have no need to live away from home, and 17 percent want to, but cannot find (affordable) housing. If you’re in search of a cheaper apartment, check out our guide to cheap housing in the Netherlands!

Are you a student? How have you found the housing market in the Netherlands? And should the grant come back? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: Image: 0805edwin/Pixabay. 



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