Donald Trump expresses support for Dutch farmers against “climate tyranny”

In a two-hour speech, Trump expressed his support for Dutch farmers and particularly appreciated their resistance to the climate crisis. Classic. 🙄

The ex-American president presented his thoughts to a crowd of young conservatives in Tampa, Florida. This is what he had to say:

“At the moment, Dutch farmers are bravely resisting the climate tyranny of the Dutch government, which wants to cut their production rigorously despite increasing food shortages.”

When referencing the Dutch farmers again, he pointed out their “peaceful” protests. Who’s going to tell him about the minister’s house riot and the ambulance roadblocks? 🤔

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The political game

While you may be thinking: “Why does Trump even care about the Dutch farmers?” they’re actually the perfect demographic to reference for his (mainly) rural American audience.

Marieke de Vries — correspondent for the NOS — explains that Trump is using the Dutch farmer situation to gain the sentiment of rural Americans, who also fear that they’ll have to change lifestyles too due to the climate crisis.

Starting to see the pattern here? As Trump praises the farmers for their rejection of the nitrogen policies and incites rebellion against the “climate fanatics”, he’s simply playing the political game. 🤷‍♀️

It’s crucial for Mr Trump to deny climate change claims because he wants to side with his conservative fan base, who also happen to live in areas where coal or oil is extracted.

How do you feel about what Trump had to say about Dutch farmers? Tell us in the comments below!

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Lea Shamaa 🇺🇸🇱🇧
Lea Shamaa 🇺🇸🇱🇧
Lea has a passion for writing and sharing new ideas with the world. She enjoys film photography, Wes Anderson movies, fictional books and jazz music. She came to the Netherlands in 2019 for her media studies and has fallen in love with the country and its culture ever since. She loves to ride her bicycle in the city but also feels the need to overtake everyone on the bike lane (she's working on it).
  1. The “Echte Nederlandse Boeren” I know would say: TRUMP SHUT UP and STAY OFF OUR LAND !

  2. My goodness, you globalists are easily manipulated, sensless and total pawns. Nitrogen is now destroying the world? Do you really believe farms are wrecking the planet, or is real estate just that valuable? Even playing with that load of stupidity, the best plan you have is to put the most efficient farmers in the world out of business off of the farms in their families for centuries to hand over that land to the government who caused the problem and billionaires like Bill Gates, who is buying up farms the world over? Only to have that same food grown on less efficient farms on less fertile soil to less experienced farmers while wealthy real estate developers turn farmland into the Tri-State sector for economic development and migrant processing centers (no doubt fleeing famines caused by Marxist central planners in the WEF). Thankfully, fewer and fewer people are willing to be used as useful idiots and pawns to these tyrants. The Marxists can cram it. No one is going to tolerate them. Trump is right, and thank God for brave leaders like him willing to stand up against blatant land theft and confiscation. Your political analysis is rank; Trump already owns rural America. He does, however, stand up for the working class and sees humans as more than slave labor. That seems to be a rarity in the WEF, globalist corporatist crowd, though

  3. Despite what the climate fascists say, there is no way that human beings can change the climate. The Nobel prize winner, Oscar winner, and Grammy winner, Al Gore has has been wrong in every prediction he has ever made regarding the climate. And yet there are fools who follow him still.

    The farmers here in the Netherlands, know exactly what will happen if the Climate fascists have their way; Inflation, then shortages, then starvation and finally genocide. It’s how Stalin killed millions of his own people.

    Donald Trump is not willing to stand by and watch America starve to death and hopefully his inspiration will wake up the people of the Netherlands who continue to worship their god “Climate Change”.

    By the way, it’s July and there’s no snow in the Netherlands.


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