Tensions rising: shots fired at farmers’ protests in the Netherlands

Protests are escalating in the Netherlands. Last night, a policeman fired three shots into the air as a warning during a farmers’ demonstration close to Heerenveen in the Friesland province.

The Dutch police have confirmed the story in an official statement on Twitter. The statement explains that protestors were trying to drive their tractors into the group of policemen present on-site, RTL Nieuws reports.

Two shots fired

This particular incident happened at around 10:40 PM yesterday evening and also resulted in the arrests of three protestors.

Unverified videos that were taken during the protest at Heerenveen show police agents drawing weapons and pointing them at protestors.

In the below video, two shots can be heard.

There are also photographs allegedly showing where the bullets hit the tractors.

Blocked roads, empty supermarket shelves, and now shootings at protests — the farmers’ protests in the Netherlands are certainly being heard this week.

What do you think about this latest development in the Dutch farmers’ protests? Tell us in the comments below!

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Cara Räker 🇩🇪
Cara Räker 🇩🇪
Cara moved to the Netherlands at fifteen and she is here to stay! After all, there is so much to love about it, except maybe the bread (as every German will tell you). Next to finishing up her bachelor's degree in European politics (dry), Cara loves to do yoga, swim, and cook delicious veggie food.


  1. The government has leaned too far left.. they need to be steered in the right direction with conversion with the people they allege to represent.. too much regulation kills the productivity.. this will leave the country in ruins

  2. The Government picks who is aloud to protest, if it was a transgender protesting I’m sure they would be aloud to do anything.

  3. They’re ordered to stop and instead wield a 7,000-10,000kg tractor like its a scooter, endangering the police and others in its way (tractors arent known for their high-speed handling). Resisting arrest, vehicular escape, endangering others — who do these farmers think they are? Do they think they’re above the law??

  4. We used to be embroiled in a Cold War against the Communists. Now we are engaged in a war being waged by the Climatists against all humanity. Ban This, Ban That, and now they want to ban food by banning the fertilizer that it takes to produce enough food to feed us, the people. Support The Farmers, they are Pro Life. The food they grow is what keeps us alive!

  5. Farmers are the base of civilization, they love the land. Politicians are the cancer of civilization

  6. Please keep applying the pressure. The World Economic Forum, Bill Gates and acolyte politicians are ruining the free world. They have to be given notice they have a fight on their hands about who actually runs this world of ours.

  7. The NL also exports a lot of food. Hunger is a very real threat to the world, and madness like stopping farming Is insane.
    NL – you must take action for freedom to farm, and the farmer’s livelihoods, and the nation’s right to eat. Farming is the centre of life and civilisation!


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