Dutch kids’ TV show featuring naked adults creates uproar

We know the Dutch pull no punches when it comes to talking about sex. But for some people, a children’s TV programme showing naked bodies is a step too far. 

The educational show Gewoon Bloot (Simply Naked) presents nude adults answering children’s questions. Even though it hasn’t been aired yet in the Netherlands, the trailer has already received considerable backlash.

Everyone is normal

The programme follows a set format: naked adults answer questions posed by children about body confidence and how to feel comfortable in their own skin. A topic many adults could do with a refresher on. 🤔

The show’s presenter, Edson da Graca, told the Guardian: “The aim is to teach children that each and every body is different and that not all bodies are perfect.”

Boundaries taken into account

Thankfully, the boundaries of the children in the programme were taken into consideration every step of the way. A spokesperson for the public-service broadcaster NTR assured that the show was very carefully produced. “During the program, there were extensive discussions with children about what was going to happen and they were able to indicate how they felt during the program,” she told the NOS.

A lot of the media attention surrounding the show is centred on the children participating. All participants had consent from their parents, as well as being asked if they were okay with what was going to happen. For some, this was still not enough.


Despite the well-meaning ethos of the show, it’s unconventional nature has received some criticism. Naturally, everyone has rushed to their keyboards and taken the debate to Twitter.

Politicians have even weighed in on the debate, the show receiving criticism from both sides of the political divide. The leader of the Dutch political party Denk, Tunahan Kuzu, took to Twitter, calling the show “crazy, crazy, we have to stop this.” In the video, he urges his followers to write to the NPO — the Dutch Foundation for Public Broadcasting — calling for the show to be cancelled.

Unsurprisingly, right-wing politicians have also spoken out about their disdain for the programme. The SGP (Reformed Political Party) called it “completely unnecessary”, and FvD (Forum for Democracy) leader, Thierry Baudethas, said the programme “comes close to promoting paedophilia.” That’s quite a leap! 😳

Despite the backlash, NTR does not intend to withdraw the programme.  The first episode of Gewoon Bloot will air on March 21 on NTR.

What do you think of this radical show? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Screen shot of a video on NOS

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  1. A bit too far for any normal person in the USA, that’s certain. Are they wearing raincoats? Good grief that’s what flashers wear in the USA, because a raincoat facilitates what they do. Whip it open and whip it out as they say. OK maybe they are bathrobes but looks exactly and functionally like raincoats. Geez if it’s OK to show these folks nude on NL TV why not on the internet? I don’t want to see them nude, I’m just posing the question.

  2. What de f🤬🤬k is wrong with these people?! You are normalizing seeing an adult naked?! That is like grooming them live on freakin tv for a pedophile!!! Even if they never talk about sex – if a child comes into contact with an adult that gets naked in front of them it will be seen as normal/ acceptable. BAN THE SHOW!!!!! Surely this can’t be legal?!!! Where are child services!!!! Protect the kids!!!!


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