Joran van der Sloot, a notorious Dutch criminal known for the murder of a Peruvian woman, has caught coronavirus in prison. 

His family has asked for help from the Dutch embassy in Peru, reports RTL Nieuws. Direct contact was made with the prison in which der Sloot is located, in the Peruvian town of Juliaca.

While the prison has not confirmed officially that he has COVID-19, der Sloot talked with his family on the phone and reported all the main symptoms. He is apparently not receiving any medical care.

The prison in which he is located has a localized outbreak of coronavirus, with four other prisoners and seven guards catching the virus, according to a local advocacy organization. One prisoner has already died from the virus.

Van der Sloot is also suspected in the involvement of the disappearance of the American Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005.

Dutch embassy cannot do much

A spokesperson from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that there is not much they can do about the situation, as it is the responsibility of the prison itself to take care of the prisoners. In the meantime, the best the Dutch authorities can do is monitor the situation from afar.

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Feature Image: Aruba Police Force/Wikimedia Commons 


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