These are the drugs Dutchies are using the most

Time to take a chill pill 💊

The Netherlands is known internationally for its liberal stance towards drug use, which begs the question: what are Dutchies’ drugs of choice?

Thankfully, new research by the Trimbos Institute has given us the low down on the Dutch’s favourite way to get high.

And the winner is… you guessed it

The most popular drug of choice is laughter — just kidding, it’s cannabis, obviously.

According to the Trimbos Institute, cannabis was the drug of choice for over one million Dutchies in 2022. One in four 18 to 24-year-olds lit it up last year. 🔥

The researchers also concluded that people are actually becoming a bit too comfortable with the casual use of cannabis.

In fact, nearly a quarter of users were found to have a problematic relationship with the use of the drug.

Runner up? Ecstasy

So what do the Dutch turn to once the cannabis clouds start looking a bit boring? Something that’ll make anything look pretty, ecstasy. 💊

Thanks to the return of festivals after a corona-induced draught, ecstasy use has risen to pre-pandemic levels, making it the second-most popular drug in the Netherlands.

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Just how popular? The Institute found that 550,000 people in the Netherlands popped a pill last year.

A rise in drug use

However, ecstasy isn’t the only drug in the Netherlands enjoying some love.

In fact, the country experienced an overall rise in drug use last year, with the percentage of cocaine, ketamine, mushroom, and LSD users increasing across the board.

The only drug to see a drop in popularity? Laughing gas.

Perhaps laughter isn’t the best drug, after all. 👀


DrugNumber of users in 2022
Laughing gas180,000
Source: Trimbos Institute

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Sarah O'Leary 🇮🇪
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