The new Tinder: Dutch woman creates green pin to indicate that you’re single

The years 2020 and 2021 haven’t exactly been the years to meet new people but with restrictions relaxing like never before, this summer might hold new hope for desperate romantics! And now there’s a whole new way for singles to meet, reports RTL Nieuws.

Cue Finder. Finder is not another dating app, but a pin that you can attach to your clothes. The idea is to make the most out of the reopening of society after months of lockdown — and find love, of course.

The concept

The idea behind Finder is simple: It’s a green pin with a magnifying glass on it. Attach the pin to your, shirt, shoes, hat, or back pocket of your jeans (wherever suits your outfit really) and show the world that you’re single and ready to mingle!

There’s no need to make a profile, search your phone for selfies, or come up with an edgy bio. Finder is meant to create real-life connections and for people to meet you exactly as you are!

Born out of frustration

The creator of Finder, Nadine Roestenburg, came up with the concept as a response to her personal frustration with dating apps like Tinder. She was tired of how dating apps work: “They are not made to find love, but to let us swipe. They play with our brain and try to make us addicted to the app. That’s why I thought: this has to change.”

For everyone

Finder is created for all singles, no matter what you’re looking for. The pin signals you’re open to meet someone — but whether you’re looking for a relationship or just a fun summer date is then to be established by face-to-face conversation. Nadine says that “love comes in all kinds of forms. You’ll find out soon enough what the other person is looking for. We don’t have different colored pins.”

Started in Tilburg

Most of the people using Finder are in Tilburg where Nadine first came up with the concept. Currently, there are about 600-700 people walking around with a green pin but more and more of those are also from outside Tilburg. Whether any successful matches have been made is not established, but the concept seems to be growing.

What do you think of Finder? Will you be ordering a green pin? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Becca Tapert/Unsplash

Christine Stein Hededam 🇩🇰
Christine Stein Hededam 🇩🇰
A Dane with a special place in her heart for Minnesota, Christine is now falling in love with everything Dutch. Between finishing her bachelor’s degree, learning Dutch, and doing yoga teacher training, you will find her wandering about the Hague. Always up for visiting new places, she loves to explore the Netherlands with friends and takes pride in scoping out cute cafés (wherein to discuss books, big plans, and food).


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