This morning, a large-scale search in Scheveningen has started in order to find the missing surfers that disappeared yesterday evening.

Unfortunately, five of them have been found dead, reports RTL Nieuws.

Several people in trouble

It is unknown as of now how many people are in trouble. RTL Nieuws reports that at the moment, at least one other person has not yet been found.

Besides the five unfortunately deceased surfers, a one other was found alive and taken to the hospital.

Difficult search

The search initially started last night, with lifeboats and helicopters. The search was complicated by the windy weather.

Two surfers who were present in Scheveningen yesterday but were not in trouble told the press about the difficult surfing conditions. The thick layer of foam made it difficult to get back on the surfboard once fallen in the waters. A strong water current was also present, especially after 7 PM.


Sympathy from the mayor of The Hague

The acting mayor of the Hague, Johan Remkes, shared his sympathy over Twitter. He stated that “This is first and foremost a personal drama for the relatives of the victims and for relatives who are still in uncertainty. When a group of people started surfing at the beginning of the evening, no one expected that a part would not come home. I speak on behalf of every Hagenaar and every Scheveninger when I say that we are deeply sympathetic and on the side of our neighbours.”

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Feature Image: Abuzer Van Leeuwen/Supplied



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