The first application systems where freelancers can apply for social assistance are now open across several Dutch municipalities, according to NOS. This group has been hit hard by the recent coronavirus outbreak. 

The Netherlands is home to 1.2 million self-employed persons, some of whom may have lost their income completely as a result of the stringent measures in place. Normally more rigid rules are in place regarding self-employed persons and obtaining benefits from the government, but these have now been relaxed due to the coronavirus outbreak, NOS writes.

Counters open in various municipalities

Last week, the cabinet took measures to help self-employed individuals who had lost income due to the coronavirus crisis. This involved freelancers being able to register for a BBZ (assistance for the self-employed) benefit in various large cities, such as Amsterdam.

As of today, various municipalities have opened up the possibility too. 10,000 applications have already been received, primarily in Amsterdam (8,000) but many in Dordrecht as well (700).

Are you a freelancer (ZZP’er) and would like to apply for social assistance? Check out your local municipality website for information and application. 

First payments to be made in the coming weeks

When payments will be made depends on what the municipality decides — in Dordrecht, transfers will be made either today or tomorrow. In Utrecht, payments for the first batch of applicants will begin tomorrow. Zevenaar will make payments on Friday.

Not all payments will be carried out immediately. Because Amsterdam has received such high numbers, payments will be made only after a couple of weeks following the date of the application.

It should also be noted that applications are not open in every municipality. Eindhoven is one such area. However, it will become clear this week if and when this happens. Additionally, the government will decide how to organise support for Dutch independent entrepreneurs based worldwide later this week.


Are you self-employed? have you been affected by the coronavirus crisis? Let us know in the comments below. 

Feature Image: Polina Zimmermanm/Pexels


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