No Deal Brexit Would Cost Amsterdam One Billion Euros

“Not all questions and doubts related to security of residence will have disappeared.” – Alderman Udo Kock.

Oh well… Great, that’s how I like my insecurities anyway, bound by law and hard to identify. Surely there’s an official letter detailing my worst and most British nightmares?

Enter Alderman Udo Kock, of Economic Affairs, delivering a letter to the council following Theresa May’s defeat. In it, detailing that in the case of a no deal Brexit, the Municipality of Amsterdam’s economy would take a big hit. This is known as a reduction in gross regional product, to which the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area totals around 160 billion euro.

Brexit Costs Amsterdam One Billion Euros
“Take me, just don’t hurt the money” – Brexit Costs Amsterdam Billion Euros

Alderman Kock noted that with “thousands of companies” dealing from Amsterdam with the United Kingdom, that roughly 18% of Amsterdam’s economy would feel the cost of a no deal Brexit. In addition to these effects on trade, there are also consequences for aviation, the port of Amsterdam and other projects subsidized by the EU. The cost of doing business is steeped in this “no deal” scenario, and Amsterdam based companies looking to deal with the UK are dealt at a much different hand of cards.

For the British Expat in Amsterdam

Theresa May’s massive loss in the House of Commons has prompted Udo Kock to write about the Britons in the Netherlands. In this elaborate letter of outcomes and possible consequences, he continued to remark on the residents and citizens living in Amsterdam and around the country. To outline the worst case scenario for the council reading this letter, Alderman Kock writes

“All British citizens in the Netherlands receive a letter from the IND at the address in which they are registered in the BRP (Basic Registration Persons). With this letter, they can prove their right of residence during the transitional period. During these 15 months, they receive new information stating what they need to do to apply for a residence permit”.

Brexit Will Hit Expats Without Residence

“Brexit will be fun, they said. Painless, they said”

In that nightmare for expats, the “no deal” scenario, it’s important to remember the expression “the times, they are a changing.” An Economic Affairs minister may not have harnessed the empathy needed to reach these Britons. British citizens abroad will be suspended from free movement within the EU and only a year and three months to document their inhabitance in their EU country.

Alderman Kock writes, “Since the referendum on the Brexit, Amsterdam has been using various official, and administrative channels for the residence security of the 15,000 Britons who live, work and study in the MRA and the municipality will continue to provide information to British residents via the Brexit Information Point.”

Saying that there are some benefits of Brexit for the Netherlands which we have highlighted here.

What are your thoughts on Brexit? Let us know in the comments!

Jesse Rintoul
Jesse Rintoul
I'm a 24-year-old writer living in Amsterdam, pursuing videography and media. The coffee I am drinking in my profile picture is a black coffee.


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