Elderly hours at supermarkets are being slowly discontinued

Measures taken back in March to allow for safer shopping for customers in supermarkets, including elderly hours, are slowly being discontinued, reports NU.

The elderly hours were implemented back during the peak of the crisis here in the Netherlands when people hoarded items like toilet paper and certain food products. The purpose of the elderly hours was to allow older people to shop safely and stock up on food and other necessities.

It’s been four months since the peak of the coronavirus crisis in the Netherlands, and things are gradually returning to normal. Some of the measures are being phased out, with elderly hours being less and less common in supermarkets. Shopping trolleys and baskets are also not cleaned as extensively as before.

Lidl, for example, has completely discontinued elderly hours, claiming that “There is less need because the situation has now normalized and we are seeing a spread of customers in our branches again during the week.”

Essential measures still in place

Despite the discontinuation of certain measures, supermarkets have stressed that it does not mean that the coronavirus outbreak is taken any less seriously.

The 1.5-metre distance is still necessary for supermarkets. Having a shopping cart with you is also mandatory, as well as having one customer per 10 square meters. When it comes to cleaning the shopping carts, many supermarkets have adopted a DIY variety, allowing customers to use disinfectant at the entrance and cleaning their carts themselves.

Should the measures stay for longer or should they gradually be dropped? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva

Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad was born and raised in Brasov, Romania and came to the Hague to study. When he isn't spending time missing mountains or complaining about the lack of urban exploration locations in the Netherlands, you can find him writing at Dutch Review.


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