Fan sends Dutch politician a cat-shaped object, causes shutdown of parliamentary building 

Did curiosity kill the cat? A package addressed to PVV leader Geert Wilders caused quite a stir after a stuffed, cat-shaped doorstop was sent to the Dutch parliament by a loving fan. 😺

In fact, the House of Representatives was evacuated briefly on Thursday after the suspicious package was found in the building’s mailroom, reports

Translation: Fortunately, it was a false alarm, someone sent me a fabric cat as a “doorstop” with good intentions. Security opened the cat to check, so it was a false alarm!

Better to be safe rather than sorry

The package was examined after alarm bells went off at security. They initially thought the cat-shaped object was a teddy bear with a bomb inside it.

As a result of the innocent but heavy kitty’s arrival, all of the meetings in the committee rooms were halted, and members of parliament had to evacuate via the central hall immediately. 

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For an hour, a group of grown men part of the Explosive Safety Team inspected the plush doorstop. 🧸

Thankfully, no bomb was found and everyone was A-ok. Although perhaps not the kitty (RIP.) 

Heavy security for the controversial politician

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician well-known for his campaigns against the “Islamisation of the Netherlands” and has even, at one point, encouraged a crowd to chant “less moroccans.

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As a result of his controversial views, the politician has strict security and bomb threats are very real.

What do you think of Wilder’s cute gift? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Peter Van Der Sluis/Wikimedia Commons/CC4.0

Eva Gabriella
Eva Gabriella
After calling Malaysia her home for 19 years, Eva moved to Amsterdam to study literary and cultural analysis. Well, that was the academic theory — in reality it was more like “cultural shock.” Eva’s mastery of life in the Netherlands involved initiation into the richness of nocturnal hangouts, canals, cuisine, and upright and forthright cyclists (who she now rings her bell back at.) When she is not speeding her way through books, she is winding and weaving down endless straatjes, often finding herself, not so quite by chance, in a gezellig music bar!


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