It looks like while the Dutch are known for their liberalism when it comes to sex, corporate logos are taking it too far. The Dutch football club, Emmen, were told that they could not accept sponsorship from the erotic webshop EasyToys. 

The club had been on the hunt for a willing sponsor and were happy to receive an offer of sponsorship from EasyToys. However, when they sought approval from the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB), they were denied permission for sponsorship.

When a football team has sponsors, they wear the logo of the company on their shirts. The KNVB argued that the logo for an erotic website would not be appropriate. “It is not appropriate to display sponsorship from the sex industry on match kit. We must take in account that football is for both young and old.”

I never knew people could get hot and bothered about a corporate logo! Capitalism, you sexy thing.

Sex toys are uncomfortable in the Netherlands

In spite of the casual regard with which someone can pop in and watch a sex show, or solicit sex from someone else, it seems that the Netherlands is not ready for to go as far as sex toys yet. Especially the ones that are hidden behind a corporate logo.

EasyToys has said that they were surprised by the denial of sponsorship. Especially given that they already sponsor FC Groningen.

There are too many eyes on the backs of FC Emmen and it appears the KNVB doesn’t want them looking at this particular sponsorship. “We hoped that more positive attention for our webshop would contribute to breaking the taboo that still rests around our industry. The fact that eroticism and sexuality are still uncomfortable subjects for many is evident in the decision of the KNVB” chief executive officer Eric Idema, has said.


Hush, hush: KNVB didn’t even want to speak about it

Idema was particularly irked by the fact that KNVB didn’t even want to speak with him regarding the matter, reports RTV Drenthe.

“I had enough arguments to show the KNVB that the deal would be one out of good decency. I have a healthy company, where a lot of people work very hard. We have a turnover of 60 million and 200 employees. I really wanted to mean something for a club that I have a feeling for, I am a native of Emmen myself.”

FC Emmen for sex toys

FC Emmen has said on their website that they were disappointed to have the sponsorship denied and that they will continue to pursue it. “We will study the KNVB’s arguments and consider what to do next. In any case, we do not intend to drop a party that wants to become the main sponsor.”

It is uncertain whether EasyToys will take any further action but the company has been receiving offers of help, Idema says. “It is clear that I have already received a lot of phone calls and messages from lawyers who would love to assist us should we follow that process.”

Feature Image: Jack Wolters/ Wikimedia Commons/CC3.0


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