Netherlands to expel Russian diplomats

Mark Rutte has just announced that they are also going to expel Russian diplomats ahead of the poison attack which happened in the UK. The UK started expelling them first and everyone else followed. Even Donald Trump has got on board and is going to expel 60 Russian diplomats (I don’t think Putin is going to like him after that). 14 other European countries have done the same.

This is not fake news this time

The Netherlands is going to expel 2 Russian diplomats. Mark Rutte’s move is to show that Britain is one of his closest allies and to show unity.

What poison attack…?

Where have you been!? No worries, I’ll give you the basic lowdown. Being a Brit, understandably it’s been all over British news, and it’s awful. So I’ve heard a lot about it.

No cup of tea with Russia is going to sort this (‘cos that’s what we do)


Sergei Skripal was a Russian military intelligence officer, who then acted as a double agent for the intelligence services in the UK. For this, he was seen as a traitor. Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia (living in the UK) were poisoned earlier this month and remain in a critical condition. The UK identified that they were poisoned with a military grade nerve agent, called Novichok. This nerve agent was developed by Russia. As a result, they were confronted and of course Russia denies the claims.

It was an awful thing to happen. Everyone is p**sed about this and Russia are accusing everyone of starting a ‘anti-Russia’ campaign against them. Europe and the US remove diplomats to show how seriously angry we all are and now we’re all kind of worried WW3 is going to break out. We’ll see how this one pans out as time goes on.

I hope they both make a full recovery!

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