Their last day as a Dutch company: an ode and goodbye to Shell

That’s it — today, the Netherlands bids Shell adieu on their last official day as Royal Dutch Shell according to their “simplification” plans.

Shell sure made it a simple and easy transition, like the breath of fresh air you get after slamming the door shut behind someone annoying. Adios, and happy new year. 🎉

And with the company moving their head office from The Hague to London today, and having their first board meeting in the UK as they plan for their new name: Shell plc — it’s a big day for them too.

Our goodbye gift? From DutchReview, this news piece in celebration of their last day as a Dutch probl — we mean company. But others such as GroenLinks can’t just let them leave like that either. reports that an additional tax assessment for companies that leave the Netherlands for a country without dividend tax (like the UK) is being considered.

Their reasons, our pleasure

As Shell becomes fully British on paper today, let’s look into why. The Anglo-Dutch Shell was apparently suffering under different tax rules, which contributed to their decision in leaving.

According to Shell CEO, Ben van Beurden, the company never had an intention to be administratively present in two countries as it was a temporary construction in 2005 with the assumption that Dutch tax rules be adjusted. Nice try. 😏

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This move is more symbolic (and for tax purposes). The Hague office will continue to exist — just no longer as the head office — and other Shell activities will also remain in the Netherlands.

Nevertheless, we’re happy that Shell’s name is no longer Dutch associated so we’re hereby officially locking the door on Shell once and for all. Bye Felicia. 👋

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Farah Al Mazouni 🇸🇾 🇺🇸
Farah Al Mazouni 🇸🇾 🇺🇸
Farah believes she's been on many adventures during her millennial life, each for a different (sometimes invisible) purpose. The latest adventure whisked her away to Amsterdam for love, and what a magical surprise she found in this city. Armed with imaginary confetti in her pocket, and ready to celebrate all wins, big and small, Farah says "ahla w sahla" or “welcome” to her latest adventure in this wonderland.


  1. I am sure every private citizen, including the author of this article, as well as every company in the word, will do their best to minimize their tax obligation in order to help maximize their profit.

    Rejoicing about the loss of a company that pays taxes is insanity; rejoicing about the loss of a company that employs people is even more insane.

    • Well they’ve certainly manage to kill a large number of jobs here in the states. Shell Oil has sold or closed every US refinery except 1 trying to lessen their carbon footprint.

  2. Good riddance, but apart from relocating to the UK, ban the bastards from the Netherlands entirely! They are also targeting corrupt African countries where they can do massive environmental damage without any prosecution, the Niger delta the most blazingly example and now also seismic exploration on the Wild Coast of South Africa!

    • You’ve hit the nail squarely on the head. Our planet can no longer afford to accommodate companies that treat the environment with the reckless levels of contempt that Shell does. Shell’s modus is to target nations that are susceptible to corrupt arrangements and their focus on the pristine Wild Coast of South Africa is such an example. But the people of SA are sick to death of the incumbent ANC government and its kleptocracy and they have risen up to reject Shell’s impending rape of the Wild Coast. The High Court here has interdicted their current offshore seismic surveys of the Wild Coast. Shell will fail in South Africa, like the ANC will at the forthcoming elections. The people have had enough.

      • So what are you doing about Germany, they close 3 nuclear power stations for the new year . This means they are increasing their co2 into the environment by a massive amount and still have 70 coal powered stations running.
        Shells has shut a great deal of carbon sites and are very big in new technologies.
        I am sure the UK financial sector will be pleased with your Nederlands view of companies.

    • I’m not sure writing off an entire continent as corrupt and saying no one should do business there is very forward thinking. Shell has also been prosecuted in both Nigeria and South Africa. If African countries have an open bid round for oil and gas companies to apply its completely legal for them to operate there.

    • I’m not sure that writing off an entire continent as corrupt and saying no one should do business there is very forward thinking. Shell has also been prosecuted in both Nigeria and South Africa. If a country has an open bid round and an oil and gas company applies its perfectly legal for them to operate there.

  3. Glenn Christmas there is much more behind the hatred for this company than what you may be aware of . They were going to do tremendous harm to the Wild Coast of South Africa with their unwanted and foolish seismic exploration. They simply would not listen to our pleas to stop it, and now has to pay the price

  4. An interesting article, especially for a US Investor, who still holds Shell Stock (I hope), and how I will be notified in writing where my account stands from this transition.

  5. How can you be happy that a company is leaving? That is not good for anyone, even if the company is considered evil…it could happen with more businesses.


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