The coronavirus has been spreading more and more and leaving behind more casualties than the SARS outbreak that occurred in China back in 2003.

As such, governments around the world are taking action in their home countries to better prevent, treat and tackle the coronavirus.

40 monitoring stations to check for coronavirus

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), together with the Nivel health institution have declared on Monday that they will use 40 monitoring stations around the country, normally used for testing for flu’s, to test for the coronavirus as well.

These measures are taking as a precaution (read as better safe than sorry). A spokesperson from Nivel declared that it is important to start monitoring the coronavirus before it will actually start to circulate in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, they’ve specified that as of now there is no reason for concern and that as long as there is no outbreak in the country, the virus will most likely not be found. Relaxing!

General practitioners to inform Municipal and Regional Health Services if a coronavirus case is discovered

So far, the procedure that has been developed is if a general practitioner detects a case in one of the monitoring stations, they will then notify the case to the Municipal and Regional Health Servies (GDD).

As the Coronavirus has symptoms that appear to be flu-like, with fever and respiratory problems. As such, the monitoring stations are a great opportunity to evaluate the presence of the virus in the Netherlands. Fingers crossed that those who do come to the monitoring stations only have the flu, and that they get better as well.

Do you think this method of prevention is satisfactory for now? Let us know in the comments.


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