Storm Ciara has mostly passed now, but it seems our streak of high winds and rain have not quite passed.

It seems we will have to wait some more for some calm spring weather, as new storm might emerge by Sunday, Buienradar reports.

Nameless storm last night

Last night, another storm occurred, yet it was nameless, unlike the recent Ciara. It was also significantly weaker, reaching only 98 kilometres, compared to the heavier Ciara which had winds of up to 129 kilometres. According to Buienradar, a storm is given a name in the Netherlands, Ireland and the United kingdom only if it reaches code orange. As such, last night’s storm will not be registered.

Windy and rainy for the rest of the week

Unfortunately, the weather does not seem to significantly improve in the following week. Expect your typical mix of hail, the occasional sunshine peaking long enough only for you to miss it when it is gone, as well as potential wet snow in some places. The wind force will also remain substantial at the coasts, reaching level 8, while being level 5 inland. Fun!

Storm Dennis knocking on the weekend

While it is not yet completely clear as of now, it seems we will have another named windy visitor next weekend. The weather will tease us by becoming somewhat better on Friday, but don’t worry, there is no calm after the storm, just more storm. As such, on Sunday we might see Storm Dennis coming on our doorway. We might also get 15 degrees Celsius in some areas in the south next weekend, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

What is your weather forecast for this week: first days of spring or last days of winter? Let us know in the comments.

Feature Image: tpsdave/Pixabay




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