Sigh — the Netherlands’ evening lockdown will be extended until 2022

Since coronavirus only comes out after 5 PM, new leaks from the Dutch cabinet reveal that they plan to extend the current measures — including the evening lockdown — until the beginning of next year.

Sometimes, our hands are tied when it comes to the news we must report — this is one of those times. Until at least the beginning of January, the Dutch will be unable to enjoy catering, non-essential shops, or working towards a weight-related new year’s resolution at gyms after 5 PM.

Thinking of hosting a Christmas event at home? Think again, because (holiday or not) the advice to receive a maximum of four people at home also remains, according to the NOS.

As for the rumours of extending Christmas break in schools to limit the spread of coronavirus, the outgoing cabinet is still in session regarding this point and will bless us with a decision during tomorrow’s press conference.

The Netherlands after dark

Well, something seems to be working with these new measures as last week’s numbers had an optimistic vibe where the number of infections, hospitalisations, and deaths slightly decreased.

That being said, the Dutch Outbreak Management Team (OMT) will not be easing up on its advice anytime soon. They have explicitly warned the Dutch government against relaxing any measures due to the uncertainty around the Omikron variant and the high pressure on healthcare.

Since a new Dutch government cabinet is expected to take over at the beginning of January, the new cabinet will find more and more on their plate.”The new cabinet must get to work without a good reopening plan,” says political reporter Xander van der Wulp.

What do you think of the Dutch government’s plans to extend the current measures until January 2022? Tell us in the comments!

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Farah Al Mazouni 🇸🇾 🇺🇸
Farah Al Mazouni 🇸🇾 🇺🇸
Farah believes she's been on many adventures during her millennial life, each for a different (sometimes invisible) purpose. The latest adventure whisked her away to Amsterdam for love, and what a magical surprise she found in this city. Armed with imaginary confetti in her pocket, and ready to celebrate all wins, big and small, Farah says "ahla w sahla" or “welcome” to her latest adventure in this wonderland.


  1. This is absurd. 87% of population vaccinated. This is not an issue in countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal or France. None of them are in curfews nor lockdowns. Not even Belgium. Dutch gov didn’t do the homework in 2 years to reinforce the healthcare system and Hospitals and now we all pay the toll??!! Unbelievable.

    • Very poor analysis, Ems.
      1. Spain, Portugal and Italy all have a significantly higher vaccination rate.
      2. In the mentioned nations, the general public consider measures like mask wearing and distancing as mandatory. Dutch consider them as friendly advice and basically shrug their shoulders.
      3. Even if the health care system would have been doubled in the last two years, a lack of ICU beds would have appeared at a later moment. But that moment would have come, no matter what.

  2. The evening lockdown is not a wise measurement! The Dutch cabinet must think of measures which are not against people’s rights to move and work normally! For some businesses this is crucial

  3. I think it is good news. Because as soon as you relax, it will spike up again. And with Omicron dominant at moment, nobody should risk and relax any restrictions.

  4. This is the real shit. What this Dutch government want exactly from us. They do it express, they want to put always people under stress. Really bullshit.
    America and Canada and Egypt they are living normal, they have Christmas feests and the new year’s eve feests, music, DJs
    Why you are doing this for us? Enough stress. This is the worst government ever. Everything is getting more and more expensive, benzine is getting crazy expensive ubnormal, incoming is getting less.
    Bullshit bullshit, really the worst government ever. Sorry for any hard word but what happening is too much. God bless the Netherlands, I love this land and this people.

  5. They want to Build Back Better. Having your submission and making sure you will not have any freedom. Omicron less lethal than any previous variant, vaccination numbers close to 90% but still lockdowns. One of the conclusions is that vaccines do not work and government bought so many for a high price and need to jab the last 10-15% of the population before the vaccines go bad, in combination with multiple booster campaigns! Don’t all the vaxxed people feel betrayed and lied to with a “freedom” that come just for a few months? When are we going to wake up?

  6. I can’t understand these covid regulations here… Why on Earth do the gyms close at 5 PM??? There are extreme crowds in gyms because of that because the decline in the number of opening hours of gyms does not reduce the amount of people who are regularly visiting gyms – so bow it’s the same amount of people but in shorter time so much more crowded… Also closing hours limited in shops – what’s the point? Now everybody is rushing after work to manage to buy food essential for living – in hours 6-8 PM shops are so crowded because of that… In Poland for example last year they made shops work 24 hours and made limits on the number of people in the shops, so that there won’t be too many people at one time. And here? How does it help in reducing the spread of covid? These regulations helps spreading covid !

  7. It has been nearly 3 years since we have been living under this Corona life, I just hope at this moment, government would give extra help to the elder people, they are the one who needs more care than ever, there are many elder people who lives alone, I wish they have more support.

    Thank you!

  8. Oh come 9n. 5.00pm is absurd. The govt seems intent on killing Horeca. Even a 9.00pm would let people gave a drink or meal. It is about as festive as a wet day in January.

  9. It’s better than being stuck in the perpetual yo-yo loop of “fewer measures!” – “oh shit the numbers are up again so more measures” every three weeks.

    Better ro give the measures time to breathe and actually give us something to plan around with no emergency measures cancelling Christmas at the last second like last year.

    Also “we strongly advise not to have more than four adults as guests” just translates to “we cannot legally enforce this, so at worst I might wag my finger at you if you don’t do this.”


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