Dutch police are urgently looking for ‘seriously dangerous’ psychiatric hospital escapee

Call 112 if you see this man.

Last Wednesday, a so-called TBS’er (a person with a mental disorder who cannot be completely blamed for a crime they committed) escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Groningen. Police have now released his information to the public.

The man in question is Mouloud M., a 33-year-old who is originally from Enschede. He is said to have run off from the Van Mesdag clinic last Wednesday during a supervised leave.

He was last seen near the Sterrenbos neighbourhood in Groningen on February 7.

M. has light skin, is about 1.90 metres tall, has short dark hair, dark eyebrows, large dark brown eyes, a moustache and a beard. He is said to have a lean build and is likely dressed in a dark blue quilted jacket, blue jeans and black shoes.

As the AD writes, M. urgently needs medication for his psychotic behaviour. The police urge anyone who may see him not to go near him but to notify 112 instead.

What is TBS in the Netherlands?

TBS is an abbreviation for ter beschikking stelling (literally meaning: “making a person available for psychiatric treatment”). It is a measure that a judge can impose on people who have committed a serious crime and who have been declared mentally ill to a certain extent.

Crimes may include murder, manslaughter, assault and rape, arson (that endangers others or results in death), aggravated assault, armed robbery, the making of child pornography, etc.

Needs to be found as soon as possible

The police emphasise the importance of finding him as quickly as possible. If M. doesn’t take his medication, he could become a serious danger to his environment or to himself.

The police have not released any information on why M. is in a TBS clinic in the first place, but it is known that he has an extensive criminal record.

Among other things, he has been accused of verbally and physically abusing his care workers and threatening them with death. 

For the past week, police have been searching for him, but to no avail.

“Therefore, it has now been decided to release his name and photo. That is one of the toughest resources we can use. It’s a major breach of one’s privacy,” a spokesperson from the Public Prosecution Service tells the AD.

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Feature Image:Politie Nederland
Lyna Meyrer 🇱🇺
Lyna Meyrer 🇱🇺
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