This major Dutch airport will close down for a five-month renovation job

It's a fixer-upper. 🛠️

Travellers, watch out: Eindhoven Airport will soon be closed for a major renovation job.

The Eindhoven Air Base is due for a renovation to its runway — and the neighbouring commercial airport, also owned by the Dutch Ministry of Defence, will have to be closed in the meantime.

As the Eindhovens Dagblad reports, the renovations will take about 22 weeks lasting from February to June.

The catch? It’s not yet known what year this job will take place.

Note: Since yesterday’s reporting on the expected works, Eindhoven Airport has released a statement:

“Given the questions raised by the reporting, Eindhoven Airport informs the following: if a final decision is taken by Defence to carry out the works, they will not start before 2027. The final decision is expected at the end of February when the total scope and schedule of the works will be known.”

Flying improvements

The works include a full renovation of the Air Base runway, as well as some improvements to the commercial airport. ✈️

Among other things, the Air Base’s three-kilometre-long runway will be widened, and a second taxiway will be added.

These additions should benefit the airport’s overall safety, as commercial aircraft won’t have to cross the runway during takeoff or landing anymore, as is the case now.

Meanwhile, Eindhoven Airport will also be equipped with an improved landing system, allowing planes to fly in densely foggy atmospheres.

The outdated landing system has caused flight cancellations and delays in the past, so the upgrade is much needed.

Flight cancellations and pricier tickets

Naturally, these renovations come at a cost, and it is estimated that the airport will lose about €35 million in revenue in the five months of renovations.

On top of that, the airport will miss out on 17,000 flights (and millions of passengers), who will be unable to depart from Eindhoven Airport.

CEO of Eindhoven Airport, Roel Hellemons, has previously warned that this could result in pricier airline tickets. 🫠

Have you ever flown from Eindhoven Airport? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Third culture kid Katrien has been working as a writer and editor at DutchReview for over two years, originally moving to the Netherlands as a tween. Equipped with a Bachelor’s in communication and media and a Master’s in political communication, she’s here to stay for her passion for writing, whether it’s current Dutch affairs, the energy market, or universities. Just like the Dutch, Katrien lives by her agenda and enjoys the occasional frietje met mayo — she just wishes she could grow tall, too.



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