Burqa Ban: Woman Wearing Niqab Denied Entry Onto Public Bus

In the first known instance of the ‘burka ban’ in action, a woman wearing a niqab was denied access to a public bus yesterday. While attempting to board the driver asked the woman to remove her face covering twice, or leave the bus. When she refused, police were called.ย 

The Arriva bus driver refused to continue driving the route until the woman abided by the rules. When the police became involved, the woman eventually decided to step off the bus and find her own way home.

The bus company Arriva have told NOS the bus driver did not follow the protocol of public transport companies. While the driver may ask the wearer of the niqab to remove it or leave the bus, the driver cannot refuse to continue to drive the route.

What is the burka ban?

It’s the first known instance of a wearer of the niqab or burka being refused service since the burka ban came into effect on August 1st.

The ban requires faces to be visible when in public places like schools, hospitals, public transport and government buildings. Wearers of the niqab and burka are those primarily affected, but also people wearing motorcycle helmets or ski masks.

In the event of a violation, the offender can be charged up to 150 euros. Fortunately for the woman, this case eventuated in no fine being issued. A police spokesperson said that this is because police often try to resolve the matter by talking instead of fines, comparing it to the ban on using a phone while cycling.

What do you think of the burka ban? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Bernard Gagnon [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Requiring women to wear a niqab is inhumane. The Quran does not specifically mention the burqa or tell women to wear such extremely confining clothes. It instructs men and women to dress and behave modestly in society. Women are being manipulated by extremists who misinterpret the Quran in order to control women and deny them their own freedom.

  2. If I had a place of business. I would require all people. No matter what religion they are. That wish to enter my store. Show their face. The reason being. In this day and age. Anyone covering their face. Be it man or woman. Could be a potential criminal. Without showing a face it is harder to identify that person. I really do not care what religion they are or the dress code they have. In my store I can and will refuse service to anyone that refuses to comply with store policy. It is to keep all my customers who wish to shop at my store safe from harm. Plain and simple. You refuse to remove your mask. I refuse you entry to my store.


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