Dutch cabinet formation screeches to a halt after minister accidentally leaves notes visible

After a hectic morning in the Dutch political sphere, two scouts charged with forming the new government after last week’s elections have stepped down after their notes were leaked.Β 

This morning, the news hit that the Dutch cabinet had been potentially exposed to coronavirus through Minister Ollongren β€” one of two ‘scouts’ tasked with determining the new layout of the cabinet. However, the decision-making process had been further complicated by the fact that the minister’s private notes were left visible.

As a result of this blunder, the two scouts who were charged with determining the new layout of the Dutch cabinet β€” Minister Ollongren from D66, and Senator Jorritsma from the VVD β€” have decided to step down from scouting stating that they can no longer do their job without prejudice.

Notes visible in picture taken by the press

The notes were seen in a picture taken of the minister as she left the Binnenhof this morning. The shots were initially taken as part of the news that she had tested positive for coronavirus.

However, once eagle-eyed readers zoomed in on the images, one could read the minister’s important notes. On the notes, sentences such as “left-wing parties do not really hold each other” can be read.

There was a mention about MP Omzigt from the CDA that he could “get a position elsewhere,” and another on CDA’s Wopke Hoekstra’s negotiation style. Hoekstra has called this bizarre. He wrote on Twitter: “None of these subjects have been discussed with me, and are also not her domain.”

Ollongren’s departure leaves coalition formation struggling

All of this news comes while a lot of people are thoroughly frustrated with the Dutch political scene and the lack of decent corona policy and speedy vaccination program.

It remains to be seen how today’s events will affect the speedy formation of a coalition.

What are your thoughts on this political jumble? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: algemenebestuursdienst/Wikimedia Commons/CC1.0

Abuzer van Leeuwen πŸ‡³πŸ‡±
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