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Grab your umbrella: More rain to hit the Netherlands this week

Dying to finally say hoi to spring? We may have bad news for you, as a wintery start to the week means you can’t put those winter coats away just yet. 🥶

According to Weerplaza.nl, this week is off to a rather miserable start, with the weather varying for the rest of the week.

Monday blues

With wind, wet snow, hail and rain all in one week, it looks like a little bit of winter is sneaking into your spring day.

Monday may start off frosty, with temperatures hovering around 7 to 8 degrees Celsius, but don’t worry, because the sun will peep through the clouds during the day.

A fairly dry and sunny Tuesday will follow. It might be a cloudy afternoon with some light evening rain, but it won’t get warmer than a chilly 8 degrees Celsius.

A warmer, but rainy, week ahead

Wednesday is expected to be warmer, with a maximum temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. Although you’ll have to contend with some clouds and the possibility of rain, the warmer temperatures just might give you a chance to pick some beautiful bloemen (flowers).

We’ll see the highest temperature of the week on Thursday, at 16 degrees Celsius. The day will experience a cycle of clouds, sun and light rain, with a heavier shower possibly making an appearance inland.

Translation: Winter is back a bit today. It is quite cold and there are showers with a chance of wet snow and hail. The sun shines between the showers.

A windy weekend

The weekend will start off with a very windy and rainy Friday. (Good luck to any cyclists willing to fight that battle! 😬)

The wind will continue throughout the weekend, with rain or showers expected daily. 

How do you feel about this week’s weather? Tell us in the comments!

Feature Image:Depositphotos
Simone Jacobs
Simone Jacobs
Originally from South Africa, Simone is having fun navigating the Dutch language, steep stairs, and bicycles (which she still manages to fall off of with her short, non-Dutch legs). An animal lover at heart, Simone can typically be found under her (growing?) mound of cats, where she uses the opportunity to read, write, and watch video compilations of creatures.


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