Seven Dutch universities have made their way into the top 100 of The World University Rankings 2021 from Time Magazine. We humbly grant that effort from the tiny Netherlands an ‘A’!

Universities across the world are assessed across four areas: teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook, with 13 performance indicators in total.

Global performance

The highest-ranked Dutch university was not TU Delft, home of the Delft Hyperloop, as it has been in previous years. Instead, Wageningen University & Research took the top spot in the Netherlands, coming in at a global equal 62nd place. It was closely followed by Amsterdam University (66th) and Leiden University (equal 70th).

While US universities dominate the rankings, holding eight of the top 10 positions, Chinese universities are also making a climb to the top. The UK’s University of Oxford can officially claim first place. However, the Netherlands didn’t choke on the test, ranking fifth overall for representation in the top 200.

Check out the rankings of all the Dutch universities that made the top 200 below.

Dutch university rankings

Best represented countries in the top 200

Country/region Number of institutions in top 200 Top institution Rank
United States 59 Stanford University 2
United Kingdom 29 University of Oxford 1
Germany 21 LMU Munich 32
Australia 12 University of Melbourne 31
Netherlands 11 Wageningen University & Research =62
Canada 8 University of Toronto 18
China 7 Tsinghua University =20
South Korea 7 Seoul National University 60
Switzerland 7 ETH Zurich 14
France 5 Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris 46
Hong Kong 5 University of Hong Kong 39
Sweden 5 Karolinska Institute =36

Were you surprised by the results? Did your university make the cut? Tell us in the comments below!


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