Tom Hanks’ terrible Dutch accent gets him nominated for ‘Worst Supporting Actor’ 

Tom Hanks has received a nomination for Worst Supporting Actor after speaking in the most ‘ridiculous’ Dutch accent in his portrayal of manager Tom Parker in the film Elvis.

The Golden Raspberry Award (Razzie) is the satirical equivalent of the Oscars, where films and people are given the title of ‘Worst Picture’ or ‘Worst Actor’.

According to the Razzie organisation, Tom Hanks’ Dutch-accent-turned-Southern is the favourite to ‘win’, reports the NOS.

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How did this happen?

For a man who’s won two Oscars and been given six nominations at the Academy Awards, whatever went so wrong?

“Hanks sidestepped any talk about this accent and instead spoke at length about how he learned more about Elvis’ infamous manager,” said a spokesperson for the entertainment website Variety.

The actor didn’t respond when asked what preparation went into the role. Helaas! It seems poor Hanks either didn’t do his homework or found the Dutch accent a bit too difficult. 😅

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That’s not all

Hanks was not only nominated for the ‘Worst Supporting Actor’ but also for having the ‘Worst Interplay’ between his Oscar-winning face and unfortunate-looking latex face prosthetics.

To add insult to injury, he’s expected to ‘win’ another for his role in the badly received film, Pinocchio.

At last, we know that his ‘ridiculous’ accent was not a sly dig at the Dutch. It seems the actor has just gone and lost his footing.

Did you watch Tom Hanks in the new Elvis film? Tell us in the comments below!

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Eva Gabriella
Eva Gabriella
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