The Public Prosecution Office revealed in a report the gruesome details of a torture chamber found in a container in Wouwse Plantage, in Brabant.

The chamber contained scissors, scalpels, handcuffs, saws, duct tape and more, as reported by NU.

Six other containers were arranged as cells, and handcuffs were attached to the ceiling to have someone hanging by their arms in the cell.

Last week, six arrests were made in the case. The Public Prosecution Office reported that among the suspects was a 43 years old man from Rotterdam, another 44-year-old man from Nieuwegein and a 40-year-old man from The Hague. The rest of the suspects were from Lexmond, Utrecht and Spijkenisse.

The men are suspected of preparing kidnapping, extortion, physical abuse and being part of a criminal organization. Two of them were also detained for possession of weapons. No person was actually tortured in the containers.

Police surveillance since April

The police knew of the existence of the containers since April. EncroChat, the platform through which the criminals were communicating, was hacked by the police. Law enforcement has been following their messages for weeks.


The people who were targetted for kidnapping were announced by the police so they can go in hiding.

The torture chamber also had sleeping and siting facilities, presumably to keep guard had the kidnappings taken place. Seven small firearms and an assault rifle were found, as well as 25 other weapons in the suspects’ residences.

The police also found police clothing and bulletproof vests. As of now, the detention of the suspects has been extended by 90 days until their trial.

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Feature Image: Openbaar Ministerie


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