As a student, you might have the urge for a quick and cheap snack. Grab a friend, get on your bike and ride, but don’t go on the highway, because you might get stopped by the police.

This was the case with two students last evening who got pulled over by the police while riding their bikes on the highway, reports NOS.

On their way to IKEA

The two students, a Romanian and a Slovak, were on their way to get a hotdog from IKEA. The police found them at Holendrecht junction, where the two students were hesitant to continue on their road.

Als je trek hebt, dan moet je wat eten. Als je niets in huis hebt, dan moet je wat halen. Als je geen auto hebt, dan ga…

Geplaatst door Landelijke Eenheid Noordwest op Woensdag 17 juni 2020

The police stopped the traffic on seven lanes for a short time. Guided by the police, the two students crossed the highway and got back on the bicycle path.

While it’s illegal to ride a bike on the highway, the two students were not fined. According to a spokesperson, the students did not know that biking is illegal on the highway, and after a serious talk with the police, they were let go.

Have you also had adventures on the highway while biking to IKEA? Let us know in the comments!




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