“Dancing with Janssen” day after jab says Dutch health minister

From shot to trot. You could be out boogying the night away the day after you get the Janssen vaccine. After receiving this one-shot coronavirus vaccine, you can create your vaccine certificate in the CoronaCheck app.

So good news if you’ve opted for the Janssen vaccine. Since last week, all adults in the Netherlands could opt for the remaining doses of the one-shot vaccine. In the last week, more than 233,000 appointments were made, reports the NOS.

Getting out and grooving is a big reason many young adults have opted for this jab. Since it only requires one-shot to be fully vaccinated you can be out and about in no time. Dutch health minister Hugo de Jonge tweeted the good news earlier this week.

Tweet translation: There is great interest in the Janssen vaccine. More than 233,000 agreements have now been made. The first shots were taken on Friday, including at @ggdru, where they are in the @jaarbeurs turned it into a real party and pierced it until 01:00 at night.#dansenmetjanssen 🕺

Not immediately protected

Despite this encouraging news, the Dutch government says that “from two weeks after the injection you are protected against the corona virus.” This is up to 66% protection against the virus and up to 85% protection against serious illness.

So how can you boogie so soon?

This might seem contradictory, but a spokesperson from the ministry of health told the NOS “immediately after the vaccination you are so well-protected that we think it is responsible to let you in.”

Hooray! So get on your dancing shoes and get ready to paint the town red, if you choose to get Janssen that is. 😉

What do you think of dancing the day after your vaccine? Is it too soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Chloe Lovatt 🇬🇧
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  1. of course it is too soon! it is irresponsible for the Dutch government to allow otherwise and the words of the spokesperson of the health minister are criminal. if the manufacturer of the vaccine says 2 weeks, then that’s what it takes. and even then you are only 66% protected. what level of protection would you have the day just after the injection? Close to 0.
    Don’t they see what is happening in the UK and Portugal because they opened so soon?

  2. Of course it is too soon! Anyone who has studied a little bit of immunology knows that it takes 2 weeks to build up IgM and up to 4 weeks for IgG. Thus, being protected means waiting for a month after the jab. I am so annoyed with these statements!

  3. Well, this idiodic decision by the abominable health minister Hugo de Jonge did not age well. “Dancing and infecting” was the real motto. The Dutch government has pushed herd immunity by natural infection from the very beginning of the crisis. Young people are now being herded to the covid front lines as guinea pigs for this horrible agenda. With infection rates set to reach or even exceed 20,000 per day, the decision of the caretaker government to literally open up on June 26 is looking more and more idiodic.

  4. How could anyone – let alone a health minister be so f***ing stupid.
    The vaccine works by stimulating the immune system so that it is ready when the virus arrives.
    If vaccine and virus arrive on the same day YOU ARE NO SAFER THAN IF YOU WEREN’T VACCINATED. This man is not fit for his job – and neither is the journalist.


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