We’ve had so much sunshine over the past three months that we forgot for a moment that we’re living in the Netherlands.

Well, the Netherlands hasn’t forgotten what it’s really all about. After last week’s heatwave, the weather has done its classic Dutch turnaround and plunged straight into typical greyness, reports Weerplaza.

So, what can we expect from this week’s weather forecast?

Grey, grey and more grey

Today will be a cloudy day throughout the country, despite a bit of sunshine that will tease us in the afternoon before quickly disappearing again. The temperature will range from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius, which is not that bad, unless compared to the heatwave last week. It will rain for a while later in the evening in the south of the country, and the rain will carry on into tomorrow morning.

Overall, besides the rain tomorrow morning, the rest of the day will remain relatively dry, but filled with clouds.

Thursday will be a rainy, windy day, with the temperatures not exceeding 20 degrees Celsius. Friday will be a calm day compared to the rest of the week, with intermittent clouds and sunshine.

If you’re hoping the weekend brings with it good weather, well, nope. Saturday will be a variable day with rain and clouds, while Sunday will bring with it a wet start in the morning.


Are you looking forwards to returning to a hot summer or would you rather have the typical Dutch weather? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Free-Photos/Pixabay


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